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September 6, 2018

Issue #11: Spider-Man (2000)

Coinciding with the release of Insomniac Games' new project MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN, COMICS ON CONSOLES returns as host CHRIS CLOW takes a look back at one of the most important comic book video games ever created: SPIDER-MAN, developed by Neversoft Games and published by Activision in the year 2000!

Perhaps Marvel Comics' most singular icon, Chris also explores the creation of Spider-Man at the hands of comics creators STAN LEE, STEVE DITKO, and JACK KIRBY, while also delving into the climate of (pretty bad) 3D superhero games that were quickly saved by the Webslinger just in the nick of time.

Plus, Chris announces the subject of ISSUE #12! When you're finished, be sure to listen to ISSUE #11.1, which features the returning discussion portion for this issue's subject game!

Comics on Consoles theme, "A Hero Rises," by Chris "Kiku" KubiakSpider-Man video game score by Tommy Tallarico. For a full list of information sources used in this issue, visit this episode's page at ComicsOnConsoles.com.

==Creator's Note==

This issue of Comics on Consoles makes reference to the integral role played by DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz in shaping the editorial priorities at the publisher in the 1950s and 60s, leading to the creation of the Justice League of America. Just prior to this issue's publication, substantive allegations of habitual sexual misconduct on Schwartz's part were brought to wider public prominence, which is when I became aware of them. The episode makes no mention of this element of Schwartz's history because I was unaware of it.

I encourage anyone looking for full context surrounding these allegations to read the initial blog post that brought them to greater prominence, and to understand that my effort here was not in an attempt to sweep these allegations and their implications under the rug. I believe in hearing, listening to and believing survivors, and am adding this additional context after the fact in the interest of full disclosure.

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