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April 30, 2016

Issue #6: The Punisher (2005)

It's not vengeance. No, not vengeance...punishment.

In issue #6 of Comics on Consoles, we examine perhaps one of the most shocking and violent comics-based games ever made in the form of 2005's The Punisher, developed by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ. Find out how the Punisher rode a roller coaster of popularity and decline before arriving at this unique entry in the entire Punisher franchise, since it fits in as many things simultaneously: a semi-sequel to the 2004 film, an adaptation of one of the character's most influential comic book stories, as well as a companion to the guy we all know and love in the Marvel Comics Universe. Also, listen as host Chris Clow recounts why it's okay to enjoy the Punisher with a "clear conscience," as explained in the words of one of the character's best writers: the incomparable Garth Ennis.

Then, in the discussion portion, Chris' Batman-On-Film colleague and Flickering Myth writer Ricky Church joins the fray to talk about the game's legacy, and just what continues to make it such a memorable experience over ten years after it was first released.

Plus, Chris announces the subject of issue #7!

Music by BenSound.com. Game music composed by Christopher Lennertz and Timothy Michael Wynn.

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