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September 4, 2016

Issue #8: Superman Returns (2006)

In our delayed 8th issue (sorry!), Comics on Consoles returns to tackle a game featuring the original and undisputed superheroic icon. While Superman hasn't produced as many games as other comics-based properties, his games have certainly managed to make an impression on the public...just not a very positive one.

2006 was a year that saw Warner Bros. and DC Comics aim to change the general status of their flagship hero by bringing him back to the silver screen for the first time in 19 years, as well as by bringing him back to consoles in a game many fans hoped would redeem the awful memories gamers still had about a Superman game that is, arguably, one of the worst games ever made. How did they do?

Host Chris Clow dives into the environment, development, and reception of November 2006's Superman Returns, and in this issue's discussion portion, independent comics creator, novelist, and former Superman Homepage writer Neal Bailey joins Chris to talk about his unique experiences with the game, as well as the overall state and public perception of the Man of Steel at-large. It's all waiting to fly to your ears faster than a speeding bullet!

Theme music by BenSound.com. Superman Returns film theme composed by John Ottman, based on original material by John Williams.

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